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The vytl sft platform is a product of years of software development backed by decades of experience in private practice clinic from both physician as well as administrative perspective. We are not another patient portal, or software company trying to sell replacement products in the healthcare space, we are a healthcare company developing industry leading software solutions. Take a moment to review our "About Us" page and learn about the clinical and administrative experience powering our solutions.

Our complex set of applications, interfaces and processes is successful by adhereing to a set of 3 basic core principles:

  1. Never add additional workload to office staff. No new portals, additional usernames or passwords. All data capture in EHR systems must be automated and add no additional processes.
  2. Patient engagement should be engaging and deliver data relevant to a patients most pressing concerns.
  3. Our solution must be disruptive, we must deliver what no other platform can.

To meet these core principles we target key processes which include the greatest pain points in both specialist and primary care offices. Procedure scheduling, imaging coordination and transition of care are all high stress processes for patients and involve complex administrative burdens on office staff. 


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