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We Provide Effective Solutions To Unique Healthcare Challenges!

We are a software development firm born in healthcare. Every board member, senior executive and director comes with decades of healthcare experience in private practice, hospital and health systems, even our software development team is led by 20 years experience in healthcare IT and operations helping to bridge the gap between providers and code. Our ownership is made up of an even mix between Physicians and healthcare C-Suite Executives delivering a well balanced product that actually works in clinic.



For Patients

Information for patients about our mobile web engagement APP and how to access your account if you received a text notification.

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For Providers

Information for providers and medical groups on how we can improve transition of care and patient services.

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For Service Providers

Information for patient contact center and call teams on how to deliver asynchronous communication options.

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Why Choose Us


Seamless Integration

We employ true custom integration with all EHR systems, we prefer to do the extra work to allow your staff to stay in your systems without the need for 3rd party portals.

Patient Satisfaction

Our SMS initiated web based communication platform provides efficient asynchronous  interactions and real time updates regarding processes such as transitions of care, surgery scheduling and imaging coordination to patients.  

Reduced Administrative Burden

By keeping patients informed of the painstaking administrative burden regarding these critical aspects of patient care they draw fewer resources from the practice for phone calls, tasking and provider communication. 

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Key Features


Modern Design

Our development is designed to bring the always-on instant gratification experience to healthcare consumers.


Clean Code

Our simple effective code addresses the needs of patients while considering the burden on staff.


Friendly Interface

Web based mobile APP interface creates a step by step approach to complicated healthcare processes.


Expert Team

Our leadership team includes multispecialty physicians as well as executive, finance, technology and operations professionals.


Fast Support

We understand the needs of both clinic and administration so we are quick to address the needs of our clients.


Professional Services

We are so confident in the processes that we will offer our experienced professional services team to help your practice.

Our Clients


Our Awards


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